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Ghost Riders in the Sky by Johnny Cash with all lyric images generated by AI

A ghostly figure floating in the air against a orange sky
Yippie-yi-oh, yippie-yi-aie!

Turning lyrics into images and turning those images into a lyric music video has officially become a hobby of mine. This is the most fun I’ve had playing with a new technology in a while. Arthur C. Clarke said:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

That’s true. Right now, this is just like magic to me.

Substack won’t let me attach .zip files, so I attached each image instead. If you want to download the images as a .zip file, you can do that on the Syntopikon site here:

I’ve a lot more videos coming up. I’d appreciate your support on Patreon or on Substack so I can continue making more of these videos (Midjourney, the AI I use, has costs associated with it).

Going forward:

  1. Patreon will have all the images available as downloads for $3 per month.
  2. Syntopikon will have all the images from 1-2 videos per month, free to download. These will be on Syntopikon as well, but not as downloads (for now).

I'd like to make the videos available for download but unfortunately, their file sizes – mostly 500MB+ – make them to big. Feel free to use yt-dlp or youtube-dl to get them off YouTube, though.

Song: Ghost Riders in the Sky by Johnny Cash

Lyrics Source: https://genius.com/Johnny-cash-ghost-riders-in-the-sky-lyrics